In my last life I was

a bulldog.

Powerful and ugly.

My master gave me orders.

And I became more & more obedient.

My karmas were good deeds.

It was worth it.

Now I am a dachshund.

Small and cute.

Equally emancipated,

my mistress and I.

We shop together.

We breakfast together.

We watch TV together.

If something gets on her nerves,

I reply with a “wow”.

Yesterday someone spit on the street.

My mistress strarted to curse him and wouldn’t stop.

The poor man cowered trembling.

In my belly I felt an enormous laugh

and I shit in the middle of the street.


(Translator: Cecile Marshall-Kasties, Barbados, The West Indies)

The original text in German “Der Dackel” is in the book “Kasseler Texte” (Schweinfurt 1998)


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