STORIES BEYOND BORDERS: 3. Islands are places far from land.

Islands are places far from land. They lie unknown to the world, separate, secluded, segregated. And one must leave the mainland to discover this new, little-known acquaintance. Yes, one must be mobile…and the one arriving has to discover it; for when he arrives, in many instances he doesn’t not know whether the place is an island. Only during discovery and exploration does the far-off place prove to be an island. No other way!” Some such thing is what the foreigner said.

(It is an excerpt of the essay in nearly 1000 Words. Translator: Dr. Marilya Veteto Reese, Northern Arizona University, AZ)

The original text in German “Inseln sind Orte, entfernt vom Land.” is in the book “Die uferlosen Geschichten (Schweinfurt 2003)”


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