“It used to be that I’d make notes and would try to incorporate them into my art. Things jumped out at me. Nowadays I am not interested in working on them any more. They aren’t new to me anymore. I’ve gotten used to Germany. Yup, that’s how it is. Things don’t strike me as unusual anymore…they aren’t strange or interesting anymore.”

Sascha entered the café with Andreas and at first I took him to be French, judging by his appearance: he had a narrow face and thin reddish lips. His build was spare and of medium height. His shoulder-length hair was tousled and his slightly smudged glasses confirmed his artistic leanings in Germany.

(This is an excerpt. Translator: Dr. Marilya Veteto Reese, Northern Arizona University, AZ)

The original text in German “Sascha” is in the book “Ein Inder in Deutschland:-)” (Schweinfurt 2008)


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