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INTERMEZZO: March 2012, U. of Cardiff, UK: Translation Workshop – Thoroughly Enriching!!!

March 30, 2012

TRANSLATION WORKSHOP, 13th March 2012, University of Cardiff

(Anant Kumar with Prof. Alexis Nuselovici, Dr. Marc Schweißinger and students of translation studies)

The workshop took place in steps:

I. Rhythmic introduction of poems in original language.

II. Silent reading of working English translation of the introduced poems.

III. Selection of their one favorite poem/ piece of work by the translators.

IV. First round of questions / discussions between stundents and Anant Kumar regarding semantical understanding of the poems.

V. Translator at their work.

VI. Discussions during the work.

Remark of Anant Kumar: It was thoroughly enriching  to see my poetry/ poems through the lenses of translators live at work. Their queries opend me new windows to understand and enjoy my words. Enjoyable. Refreshing. Enriching.


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CENTRE STAGE, U of Cardiff, UK Reading Series „STORIES without BORDERS”, March 2012

March 2, 2012

University of Cardiff, UK (Dr. Marc Schweißinger) is the major host with its two substantial events. Around six readings for adults and children will be followed in Bath, Reading and Cambridge. See the details below in this Blog: Posts 20 – 24!