Das ist ein weiterer Meilenstein des Hi-Tech-Landes, aus dem Gandhi, Buddha, Nehru, Phoolan Devi und Rushdie kommen! Bravo!!!

Just after a couple of days the Indian journalists have plenty of other themes to write on for cash. Bravo!!! And come on Guys: Politicians with ideals?!, cops with courage?! & journalists with visions?! ; drink plenty of Whisky as you do!!! The New Year Eve is at the door. And the Indian Bourgeoisie tends to see only the bright side of the life?!!! Bravo!!! In the coming weeks 3 dozen corrupt political parties will make themes of their corrupt political pursuits, and day and night young girls and children will be raped, molested and murdered. Bravo!!!  People from the Wests, go to Goa, go to Golden Triangle, go to the back waters retreat in Kerala, go to Ayurveda message in Haridwar… and partly become part time NGO workers, make some picture postcards. Sell those in Europe for 1 Euro each. That will add your social benefits from the German state. Bravo!!!  With the money you can pay the massive fee in Berlin for the Indian actress?! Sharukh Khan! With that extra charity money, you can buy a colorful SARI and pay the entrance of Bollywood parties in all the major German cities?! Bravo?!!! Come on guys, the life is short, life is fun! Bravo?!

For me: No Xmas! No New Year Day!  😦

Was für eine brutale, bizarre Welt? Ausgerechnet am heutigen Tag erhalte ich die Einladung von Süd-Inderen in Deutschland zum IDLI-ESSEN und zu Feieren? Wahnsinn?! Mir bleibt die Sprache weg. Was sagt ihr? Die Leute sollten bloss mit ihren Einladungen mich in Ruhe lassen.

(Mehrseitiger BLOG / Please Scroll Further!!!)


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