US_Telex: Working in Gray Zone!

US_Telex: It is going to be two months since I returned from the US. Many govt. and private Institutions have not transferred my honorarium und book-money. They have been doing many errors from their side and they have been asking me confusing details and not relevant questions or repetedly the same questions. The USA work very often in a grey zone. In my opinion even more than in India. Both, the work contract and execution, were full of open questions till the work completion.

In both (India and USA), the chances are very high, that the poors do not get their just rights and demands because the poors have much more difficulties to the access to the law and office.

But still I will say, my work in the USA was worth for me. The experiences have enrichened me.  And a country is not only of the particular system.

3 Cheers to Bros, Sis and Beloveds also in the USA 🙂 🙂 🙂


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