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131.)Bevorstehend:13.07.,19.30 Uhr,Weltladen Lech-Wertach,„BERLIN-BOMBAY“

February 24, 2017


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130.)Bevorstehend:25.06.17,16.00 Uhr:Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum, Köln:Indien-Woche

February 24, 2017



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129.)16.05.17,12:15-13:45 Uhr:„Literature in a Globalized World“,Universität Würzburg

February 24, 2017




Summer term 2017

Following activities are planned for the summer Term 2017

  • Seminar “Narratives of Globalization” taught by Prof. Dr. Isabel Karremann, enrolment via sb@home.
  • Seminar “Commonwealth Drama” taught by Julia Spahn, enrolment via sb@home.
  • Guestprofessorship Prof. Suagata Bhaduri in from 15. May to 14. June; individual dates for talks will be announced.
  • 16. May 2017 literature reading by writer and novelist Anant Kumar (contact: Prof. Dr. Isabel Karremann).